Book Review: Sunset

Written by Jessie Cave

I have struggled for a while to find the words to give this book an adequate review. I did not expect it to be so hard hitting and honestly went into it expecting different. However it is a brilliantly raw book which touches on so many themes; loss, grief, love (and it’s many forms), family relationships and a whole host of others.

Ruth the main character, is angry at the world (quite rightly) and detached from it. As the story progresses we see her interact and react with a host of situations and people, sometimes in a good way sometimes in a not so good way but it is all part of her learning.

At first the conversational tone and short sentences of the book bugged me as I felt it didn’t flow, however after a bit I realised how much this disjointed way of telling the story fitted so well with our character and her state of mind which is disjointed.

The characters were so realistic you could feel their grief and confusion with the world so realistically it felt like watching friends go through something that you were unable to support, you just have to ride it out with them.

It was refreshing to read a book that approached such a heart-breaking event in a way that you could relate to.

Although when I finished the last page (and realised) my initial reaction was ‘nooo’ on reflection I think it was perfect.
*tw Ruth’s sister dies, mentions of suicide, sexual abuse, substance abuse*

Synopsis from Waterstones
One summer can change everything . . .
Ruth and Hannah are sisters. Bonded by love and friendship, they are perplexingly different characters.
Hannah is radiant, organised and hard working. Ruth is forever single and totally aimless. Together they are invincible.
Every summer they go on a budget holiday together where they bicker, laugh, fight and make up.
But this time is different. Something bad happens.
And now everything is changed forever.

I received a free copy from the publishers, Welbeck, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.